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Heal your body naturally from the inside out with one-on-one personalized telewellness.

The current healthcare system is broken.

80% of adults suffer from at least one chronic condition.
30% of healthcare spending is estimated to offer zero benefits to the patient.
55% of people average four or more prescription medications.

Every day you meet someone suffering from chronic pain, fatigue, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity, cholesterol imbalances, weight problems, thyroid conditions, digestive problems, cancer, allergies, skin problems, emotional disorders, infertility, low sex drive, sleep disorders…. and a multitude of other problems with no answers and no hope.

Our traditional healthcare system waits until you are broken and suffering, and then turns to drugs and surgical intervention to manage symptoms without ever addressing the root cause of your condition. 

Getting Started

Your health transformation begins after booking your complimentary call with one of our wellness advisors. This conversation starts with a review of your health concerns and then we dive into a thorough  discussion about our services. After the initial call, your next step is to complete our in-depth lab testing and complete health history form. This highly specific intake process is designed to pinpoint the root cause of your symptoms and health challenges. Upon receiving your results (it usually takes about two weeks) a NutriCore doctor will contact you to walk through your results and outline the next steps in your custom health plan.

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My health has drastically improved since I started Nutircore. I used to get bloated when I ate almost anything. The bloating was painful and made me look like I had a big belly. To sum it up my gut health was a mess. Dr. Zyrowski knew exactly what to do and fixed my gut. I saw noticeable improvement immediately and now the issues are completely gone. This has improved all areas of my life. My confidence is higher, I have more energy, and my gut health no longer disrupts my daily life. I am excited to have been able to get this resolved without using medication.
Sharron B.

We Offer a Different Approach

In the NutriCore care system, we use a natural approach to prevent and actually reverse your health concerns so you can consider drugs and surgery only as a last resort. We use state-of-the-art testing to identify biomarkers and genetic factors that can predetermine potential health threats so that you can prepare and avoid problems before they arise.

Our one-on-one personalized healthcare is based on the latest research in natural health. We are focused on getting to the root cause of your health concerns with absolute precision using targeted labs and the science of nutrigenomics. Each client’s genetics, biology, and environment is unique. We collect this data, and work with you to determine your goals and formulate a personalized healthcare plan for you to resolve any underlying health issues and maximize your lifespan

The human body is proven to be self-healing and self-regulating when given the proper nutrition and care. With the right strategies you can not only reverse health concerns, but also promote longevity

I developed Rheumatoid Arthritis at 26 years old. By 30 life became difficult to live due to the pain. I was getting 2 shots of Humira a month and was told I wouldn't live past 40’s. I had no solutions and doctors told me it was genetic and nothing could be done. Dr. Zyrowski identified enormous problems in my body, addressed them, and I was off my medication in 2 months. My Rheumatologist said he’s never seen anything like this before. We’re all shocked at the results I’ve gotten from Dr. Zyrowski and I am forever grateful. I got my life back.
John R.

Now, you can get high level healthcare from anywhere in the world through NutriCore’s telewellness care model.

Our state of the art lab testing allows for us to offer precision nutrition regardless of location.

Im 59 years old and my motivation, metabolism, and stamina were lacking. I also was suffering from prediabetes and this was very concerning to me. I have been in Dr. Zyrowski’s program for 3 months. It really works! I have reversed my prediabetes, am more energetic, have brain clarity again, and lost weight. I feel great! My body has been fine tuned in a very short period of time.
Georgia K.

What’s Included in the Custom NutriCore Plan?

Each person is unique. Your body’s biology, genetics, microbiome, and environment is different from everyone else — not to mention your personal health goals and lifestyle! We work to understand all of these details intimately so that we can tailor your NutriCore health plan to you and your body. 

Your custom NutriCore plan begins with in-depth lab testing and health history.  Through this in-depth look at your health, the doctor identifies the cause of your symptoms and health challenges. We discuss your specific dietary preferences, work/family life, sleep habits, recreation and hobbies, and goals so that your health is evaluated in the context of your life

We then craft a custom, personalized plan to correct the core of your health struggles, restore your biology, and optimize your health with a longevity protocol.  

While each plan is different, many include: 

I am 71 years old and have suffered from diabetes and high cholesterol for 12 years. My doctor was increasing my medication yearly and my diabetes has only gotten worse, and symptoms were increasing. I started following Dr. Zyrowskis nutrition plan and nutritional supplements. It started to heal by body, and now I am diabetes free and have successfully lowered my cholesterol! I am thankful for the unconventional approach that actually worked, and for the quality of life I now have.
Dwayne L.

Meet the Founder

Dr. Zyrowski has studied natural solutions to modern day health challenges and unexplainable illnesses for his entire career. He continues to educate himself daily on emerging research and the science of natural health, so he can offer his clients the most cutting edge holistic solutions. Dr. Zyrowski has worked with over 15,000 patients clinically and is considered a leader in natural health care.

Frequently Asked Questions

You and your wellness advisor will discuss your health concerns and the services NutriCore offers so you can decide if NutriCore is a good fit for you.

Depending on the type of test, the lab test is either sent to you through the mail and done in the comfort of your home OR we find you a local draw site for you to complete your blood test.

Nutricore consultations will take place each month during the course of your health plan. However, you’ll have unlimited access to your doctor and the staff of highly trained Wellness Advisors throughout the entire program.

Yes, supplements are included as part of your NutriCore program. The supplements are customized by the doctor based on your nutrigenomic lab testing and health history findings. Your supplements are adjusted monthly according to your health needs and goals.


We do not prescribe or manage your medications. 

We are happy to partner with you to optimize your health no matter where you live. If you live in New Jersey, New York, or Rhode Island, then we cannot order labs for you. However, we can partner with you and give you physician-level advice and coaching to optimize your health. If you would like to schedule an appointment, please contact our office by calling 586-703-0228.

We are happy to partner with you to optimize your health no matter where you live. If you live outside of the United States then we cannot order labs for you. However, we can partner with you and give you physician level advice and coaching to optimize your health. If you would like to schedule an appointment, please contact our office by calling 586-703-0228.

Follow up labs are not required.

We want to get you results, period. We take extreme ownership of our clients and their health goals and will do everything within our power to make sure that you have measurable changes with your health. If you are unsatisfied, please reach out to us to discuss your goals so that we can modify your health plan to get the results you are seeking.

Your information is never shared!  We value your privacy and all of our data is securely stored for your protection.

Didn't find your answer? Let's have a conversation and see how we can help.

What do clients have to say about Nutricore?

Dr. Zyrowski changed my life. I still can't believe my transformation and quality of life I now have. I have been able to come off of most of my medications which I anticipated being on forever. I sleep better, have more energy, have less anxiety and depression, have lost weight, have reversed diabetes, have less pain, and the list goes on. WHen I tell my family they still don't believe me or believe this was possible. I am very pleased with the service Dr. Zyrowski has offered me. I couldn't imagine it being better.
Jennifer R.
Nobody has been able to help me like Dr. Zyrowski. I don't believe in taking medicine, but have not gotten great results with natural healthcare until working with Dr. Zyrowski. Most natural stuff up until this point was guesswork. He uses real scientific data to determine the route of care and does a phenomenal job. He is honest, real, and listens. He is the best doctor I have ever worked with.
Mark W.
Dr. Zyrowski's program has given me hope. For the first time I am seeing positive progress on my bloodwork. All of my health indicators are improving. I have mental clarity again. I feel as though I have a path forward and a support system in place and it is all reasonable and practical based on my personal health circumstances. Working with Dr. Zyrowski is an investment in your health that will pay dividends over the course of the rest of your life that will improve the quality of your life.
Jennifer S.
I never dreamt at my age, 64 yrs old, that I would have more energy than when I was 30. This has allowed me to take care of my household, take online classes AND take care of my mother recovering from a stroke while being able to walk 5 miles with ease and still have energy!!!! This will allow me to easily work part or full time in my retirement in the future and do the things I enjoy in life without ever being tired again.
Claudia G.
When I first started the program my lab work was about as bad as it gets. I was super depressed over it initially. When Dr. Zyrowski did post testing after a few months of care, I literally couldn't believe the transformation. My blood markers improved across the board. Nothing has ever offered me the quality of care that Nutricore has. I can't imagine a better system of healthcare.
Monica J.
My Brain Fog, Anxiety, and Depression that was devastating my life is completely gone. I’ve been to so many doctors and they offered nothing but meds, which I refused to take. Dr. Nick did an outstanding job and got to the source of the problem.
Donovin L.
Doctor Zyrowski’s healthcare system is brilliant. It is a combination of the best holistic nutrition with the latest health science. Dr. Zyrowski uses state of the art testing to get to the root cause of your health concerns and solve them. He doesn't focus on how to manage disease, but rather how to prevent it. This is the most state of the art healthcare I've ever experienced and I couldn't imagine going any other way.
William A.
I’ve suffered from SIBO for years. All the antibiotics my doctor has put me on over the years has made the problem way worse than it was initially. Dr. Z knew exactly what to do and I am feeling better than I have in years. I would 100% recommend Nutricore to my family and friends. ( I recommend everyone I know do this)
Carroll W.